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Psychotherapy is the attempt of two people to recover the wholeness of being human through the relationship between them.


Many of us experience distress and confusion. It takes different forms: conflict a work or at home, sexual and identity difficulties, compulsive behaviour, loneliness, feelings of anxiety and emptiness that seem to come from nowhere.

When things go wrong, talking with a therapist in a safe and confidential space can help. Continue reading for our referral service or click here for a listing of Philadelphia Association therapists.



The PA Therapy Service offers referrals to qualified PA psychotherapists. Our aim is to make therapy affordable for everyone irrespective of ability to pay and we operate a sliding scale with fees starting from a minimum of £45 per session.


We have limited spaces to see PA training psychotherapists at £20 per session with the option of seeing them twice weekly.  All trainees work is supervised by a senior PA practitioner. 

We offer short-term and open-ended individual therapy as well as group, couple and family therapy.

Our therapists work online as well as in person in London and around the UK.

To discuss therapy please fill in the confidential form below (this is the preferred mode of contact) or call the PA office between 1pm and 4pm on 0207 794 2652

We will respond to you promptly to arrange an initial meeting. This will offer a confidential space where you can share something about your situation and ask any questions you may have. If we feel we are able to help, and you wish to proceed, we will find a therapist appropriate for you. We aim to provide an inclusive and affordable service and our therapists offer a range of fees. 


The initial meeting costs £40 (full fee) or £20 (reduced fee) It last fifty minutes.

Low cost therapy can be offered if you have 2 or more sessions a week.


It would help us if you would provide the following information through the contact form.

* The availability of reduced fee therapy is limited at this time, please contact us for more information 


Thank you for your message. Someone will be in contact shortly.


1. A therapist in private practice must have appropriate insurance in place. Most therapists will be registered with UKCP or another professional body, following their code of ethics and complaints procedure.

2. Once a referral has been made all arrangements will be confidential between therapist and client and will not be disclosed to or part of the business of The Philadelphia Association.

3. In the case of a referral to a trainee all work will be supervised.

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