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(Theory & Practice)


This is a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certificate course which is conducted online (via Zoom). As well as being an introduction to study at the Philadelphia Association, completion of this course or the in-person courses, is a requirement for anyone wishing to train as a psychotherapist with the PA. It does not, however, guarantee a place on the psychotherapy training. Many students take this course for its own sake rather than as a stepping-stone to further study.

Before the recent pandemic, all the PA's courses and events were exclusively in-person.

In common with most organisations in the UK during the pandemic, the PA had to move all its activities online. One of the discoveries we made, was that there is keen interest in the PA's Study Programme from people in other parts of the UK and around the world. Making courses accessible online has enabled people to participate when previously that would not have been possible. Whilst other courses returned to our centre in North-West London, a decision was made to maintain one online course. Students join from different continents, bringing a rich diversity of cultural perspectives which enhance the learning experience for all participants. The online course also makes participation possible for those unable to attend for other reasons.

As a relatively new innovation in the PA's Study Programme, this online course has been developed to meet the demand of those interested in the PA's work - our continuing enquiry into the assumptions we carry about ourselves and others.     

The course takes place on Wednesday evenings (seminar and experiential group) 



Application is by interview. The course costs £700 plus a £50 interview fee. There are a limited number of bursaries available for students surviving on low income.

Term Dates 2024/25

Wednesday 17/10/24 - 19/12/24 - 10 weeks

Wednesday 22/1/25 - 2/4/25 - 11 weeks 

Wednesday 30/4/25 - 25/6/25 - 9 weeks


 We are currently arranging interviews 

  Click here to apply.

2023/2024 PROGRAMME

Course Coordinators: 

Andrea Heath & Lucy King

Experiential Group Facilitators:

Jeremy Cutler & Emma Stroker

Administration: Sophia Raja

Reading Group Facilitators: 

Daniel Bristow & Iain Strong

Details Here

In addition to the regular meetings of each individual course, students from all the courses will be invited to attend a series of Saturday morning online seminars and a reading group. 

Autumn Term Saturday Study Programme Seminars

25 November & 2 December 2023

10am - 11.30am (UK time)


Jan Resnick 

See Here for details




Wednesday Evenings 


The experiential group has no agenda apart from attending to how this particular group forms and develops, the contribution each person makes, and whether we can learn from the experience to understand what a group is.

SEMINARS 8—9.30pm 


October 18 & 25

Theory: It's use and misuse

Lucy King


November 1 & 8 

Laing & Anti-PsychIatry

kevin Ball


November 15 & 22

Nietzsche & Psychotherapy

Onel Brooks 


29 & 6 December 

On Community

Jake Osborne 


December 13  

Avoiding Intimacy

Nick Duffell 


Spring Term Saturday Seminars

January 27 2024

 10 - 11.30am (UK time)

PA Communities- What are we doing there ? 

Amy Ison, Kay Holmes, Nina Shores

February 3 & 10

11 - 12.30 (UK time)

Kingsley Hall Journals

Paul Zeal



January 24 & 31 2024

Buddhism & Psychotherapy 

Andreas Constandinos


February 7 & 14

Virtue & Character in Psychotherapy

Elie Jesner


February 21 & 28

Societies Heteronormativity and understanding the queer experience in our world and and the consulting room 

Lakis Georghiou 

March 6 & 13 

Social Class & Psychotherapy 

Paul Gurney 


March 20


Daniela Bruni



Saturday Seminar (postponed), new date to be confirmed)

April 20 

10 - 11.30am


Del Loewenthal


April 10 & 17 


Ben Scanlan 


24 & 1 May 

The Privacy of the Self, the intricacies of personal public and relational life. How much do we really want to reveal about ourselves and our innermost thoughts to others?

James Mann 


May 8 & 15

Post-Existentialism, Levinas and

the Decentred Subject.

Del Loewenthal


May 22 & 29 

Learning how to read again (and again), or teaching how to curse: counter-colonial conversations (can reading poetry help us to listen? Can writing help us to read? And what of responding in kind or with kindness?)

Robbie Lockwood 


June 5 


Mark Elmer 

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