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Members of the Philadelphia Association have published many books. This selected list of recent and classic titles is followed by some articles that can be downloaded.



The Mother in Psychoanalysis and Beyond: Matricide and Maternal Subjectivity

Edited by Rosalind Mayo, Christina Moutsou

(Routledge 2016)

Testimony of Experience: Docta Ignorantia and the Philadelphia Association Communities
By Bruce Scott
(PCCS Books, 2014)

The Talking Cure: Wittgenstein on Language as Bewitchment and Clarity
By John M. Heaton
(Palgrave Macmillan, 2013)

The Stolen Girl and Other Stories: Seven Psychoanalytical Tales
By Patricia Touton Victor
(Karnac, 2011)

Post-Existentialism and Psychological Therapies: Towards a Therapy Without Foundations
By Del Loewenthal
(Karnac, 2011)

Rethinking Audit Cultures: A Critical Look at Evidence-based Practice in Psychotherapy and Beyond
Edited by Lucy King and Christina Moutsou
(PCCS Books, 2010)

An Uneasy Dwelling: The Story of the Philadelphia Association Community Houses
By Paul Gordon
(PCCS Books, 2010)

Just Listening: Ethics and Therapy
By Steven Gans and Leon Redler
(Xlibris Corporation, 2001)


Between Psychotherapy and Philosophy: Essays from the Philadelphia Association
Edited by Paul Gordon and Rosalind Mayo
(Wiley, 2004)

Thresholds Between Philosophy and Psychoanalysis: Papers from the Philadelphia Association
By Robin Cooper, Joseph Friedman, Steven Gans, J. M. Heaton, Chris Oakley, Haya Oakley and Paul Zeal
(Free Association Books, 1989)


The Language of Madness
By David Cooper
(Viking, 1978)

Sanity, Madness and the Family: Families of Schizophrenics
By R. D. Laing and Aaron Esterson
(Tavistock Publications, 1964)

The Divided Self: An Existential Study in Sanity and Madness
By R. D. Laing
(Penguin, 1960)


‘A Home Is Broken: The Closure of a Philadelphia Association Household’
By Marie-Laure Davenport


'Dwelling and the Therapeutic Community'

By Robin Cooper

‘Respect Against All Odds: The P. A. Community Households’
By Paul Gordon

‘Where In the Waste Is the Wisdom?’
By Paul Gordon

‘The Interface between Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Therapy and the Empirical Psychotherapies’

By John Heaton

‘On R. D. Laing: Style, Sorcery, Alienation’
By John Heaton

‘Scepticism and Psychotherapy: A Wittgensteinian Approach’
By John Heaton

‘The Emergence of an Aesclepian Psychotherapy’
By Theodor Itten

‘All the Lonely People Where Do They All Come From? Facts, Feelings and Experience from the Philadelphia Association’
By Theodor Itten

‘Psychotherapy Instead of Psychiatry? A No-Brainer’
By Theodor Itten


Book review: John Heaton, Wittgenstein and Psychotherapy: From Paradox to Wonder

By Michael Miller

‘When Philosophy Meets Practice: Setting Up a Philadelphia Association Community Household’
By Christina Moutsou

‘Open, Empty and Other’
By Leon Redler


Book review: Patricia Touton Victor, The Stolen Girl and Other Stories: Seven Psychoanalytical Tales
By Anne Worthington


by Alex Widdowson

PA Artist in Residence 

2016 - 2018

 Escapology: The Art of Addiction (2017)

 Critical Living (2017)


 Music & Clowns (2018)

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