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PA people


Chair: Dan Sofer

• Steven Bluestone

• Mark Elmer

• George Kapetanios

• Ian McGregor


Council of Management

Chair: Douglas Gill

• Miles Clapham

• Lakis Georghiou

• Paul Gordon

• Andrea Heath

• Jake Osborne

Training Committee

Chair: Miles Clapham
• Onel Brooks

• Marie-Laure Davenport

• Joe Friedman

• Douglas Gill

• Miranda Glossop

Ethics Committee

Chair: Rosalind Mayo

• Christina Moutsou

• Pamela Stewart

Introductory Course Co-Ordinating Committee

• Onel Brooks

• Christina Moutsou


See the Courses section for details of our lecturers, with brief biographies.

Members and Associates

The PA has more than 50 members and associates - psychotherapists who share our critical approach to the understanding of emotional suffering and the ways of responding to it.

Members of the Association have all completed our psychotherapy training course; associate membership is for others who share our approach and wish to be part of our work.

Code of Ethics


All practitioners of the Philadelphia Association shall as far as is reasonable uphold the welfare of their patients as paramount.  The confidentiality of the patient shall be safe-guarded as far as is consistent with the law and with the safety of the patient and others.  Practitioners should bear in mind that psychotherapy involves a relationship between practitioners and patient that is inevitably unequal.  The practitioners should always keep in mind the vulnerability of the patient and ensure that they do not exploit the relationship for their own advantage.

Practitioners of the Philadelphia Association shall at all times treat colleagues with due respect.

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